We provide a better way for you to have an energy efficient facility.

We discovered it’s difficult for most companies to upgrade to energy efficient lighting even though they have a real need for the upgrade. The challenge comes from a lighting industry that’s geared for new construction, major remodels or maintenance, not for upgrades. Companies wanting to upgrade have a hard time moving forward when they have to “take over” the upgrade process to get it done. For an upgrade, you have to manage the process internally, tie up your money, locate, install and maintain the equipment ...and cover the risk.

We developed a program called REDAAP to solve this need.
— Tommy Carpenter, Founder of TEU Services, Inc.

REDAAP will cover 100% of the cost of upgrading your commercial property to energy efficiency including the full maintenance labor and materials for up to 7-years.

Our performance is guaranteed as we get paid a monthly service fee over the term.

Our customers can now say yes with no question about quality of product or delivery of services.








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